6…3…1…xBabia – 11 June 2016

Babia Góra (Witches’ Mountain) - the most inaccessible and mysterious mountain in Poland. This is the place where everything is possible. Rain, snow and wind at the same time.


Regatta-Ultra Sky Marathon 6xBabia Góra

This is the only race in Poland that was left unfinished by any of the participants. The longest and most difficult among the all. Running it under the time limit is the challenge only for the strongest and most experienced runners. 6xBabia (every time taking a different route) is a 100 km and 8000 m elevation gain race, that takes part off the road. The time limit is 17 h which gives you approximately 6 km/h.

There is a possibility to finish the race after completing it 5 times, which gives you 14 km less and up to 1050 m of elevation gain less and after completing it 4 times.


Regatta-Ultra Sky Marathon 3xBabia Góra

This is also an extremely technically tough race. 3xBabia (and again every round is different) is around 70 km and 5500 m of elevation gain. Often off the road and with multiply turnarounds. The time limit is set to 17h which gives you the speed of approximately 5.4 km/h. Although the route is shorter than 6xBabia, you will be amazed by the same amount of obstacles (Perć Akademików being of the most difficult turn).


Regatta-Sky Marathon Babia Góra

The marathon distance on a difficult terrain. What you have to do is to run 42.5 km with 3000 m elevation gain. Starting from the Perć Akademików, moving further onto Slovakian side, you will experience wild nature at its fullest.


Regatta-1/2 Sky Marathon Babia Góra

A little more than a half-marathon distance with 1450 m elevation gain. This is a difficult race accessible for more runners. Steep run-ups, but without chains and clasps this time. Tough run-downs, but with less windblow and river streams. This is for the rookies that would like to experience real mountain running and then move to longer distances that we offer. The time limit is set to 6 hours which gives you approximately 4 km/h.